The Wrong Brother

Hector has always felt that his brothers were above him — two thousand feet above him. His older brothers, Orville and Wilbur, have invented a miraculous, world-changing flying machine, while Hector’s greatest feat is getting a part in the school play. One day Hector decides to create his own invention, desperate to prove to his brothers (and himself) that genius runs in the family.

This warm-hearted comedy will bring a smile to anyone who has ever felt overshadowed. Come join Hector as he tries to find his own place in the sun!

This is a BYU student film later distributed commercially by Candlelight Media Group on a DVD with the film Freedom on the Water.

-Best Film – First International Young LDS Film Festival, December 2001
-2001:Angelus Awards Student Film Festival-comed semi-finalist

Produced by Chris Bowman, Ryan Little, Carter Durham
Directed and Written by Chris Bowman
Music Composed by: Scott L. Reinwand
Film Editor: Garrett Batty
Cinematographer: Doug Chamberlain