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Lovestruck! The Musical

When Noah, a boy with a song in his heart and the zeal to share it, winds up in the bloodthirsty city of Knawkemoutville, he discovers that his stories of optimism and love may not have the favor of the public. With so few fans and faced with the threat of losing his opportunity to achieve his dream of owning a theatre, he must become hardened and violent and say goodbye to his foolish sentiment towards love. As the nightly musicals become more violent, Noah becomes Knawkemoutville’s most popular sensation, selling out night after night growing richer and richer. The city grows more barbaric than ever before, and Noah takes notice that the message he puts out in the world has a heavy outcome on the community around him.

Written by Lauren Laws
Directed by Gary Groth
Produced by Lauren Laws and Gary Groth
Music by John C. Leavitt