When Skies Are Blue

A collage of interviews, home videos, and film of life’s most profound and intimate moments.

Download the soundtrack here– https://whenskiesareblue.bandcamp.com/releases

Director: Melody Chow
Producer: Helen Butcher
Faculty Mentor: Scott Christopherson
Editor: Eric So
Music: Brian Casey Lee & Stuart Wheeler
Production Sound: Melissa Young
Archive Footage Specialist: Hannah Hughes & Mitchell Dunn
Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor, & Re-recording Mixer: Caitlin Walton
Colorist: Marshal Davis
Associate Producer: Camlyn Giddins
Assistant Camera: Lauren VanDerwerken
Camera PA: Michelle Gioglio
Additional Photography: Kent Thalman & Colton Elzey
Production Sound Assistant: Britany Toolson, Brandon Carraway, & McKinley Stauffer
Assistant Editor: Amanda Barwick & Britany Toolson
Archive Footage Assistant: McKinley Staugger
Location Scout: Andrew Hoopes & Peter Totten
Assistant Sound Effects Editor: Melissa Young

Hannah Tew
Andy Chow
Simon Chow
LJ Sikahema
Joan Pine
Afton Godfrey
Betsy & Adam McGee
Greta Christopherson

BYU Studio Orchestra Club:
Dallas Crane
Derek Crane
Nick Harker
Parker Robinson
Danny Herrera
Corbin Sterling
Paul Woodward
David Price
Travis Hale
Collette Jones
Graigry Henrie
Devan Freebairn
Christopher Cardonas
Rachel Birtcher
Paul Woodward
Stephanie Martins
Boyd Furner
Maggie Gunn
Kelly Oja
Ethan Hemsley
Nicholas Ayala
Christian Tran

Special Thanks
Beatty Family
Butcher Family
Christopherson Family
Dunn Family
Elzey & Heiner Family
Giddins Family
Hughes Family
Culter Family
Lewis Family
Miller Family
Slothower Family
Thalman Family
Toolson Family
Robinson Family
Zabriskie Family
Wasatch Steel Inc.
Graceland Chapel
American Handcrafted Caskets and Coffins
Orem High School
Scott Christopherson
Tom Lefler
Amy Jensen
Brad Barber
Sharon Swenson
Benjamin Thevenin
Dean Duncan
Jeff Parkin
Tom Russell
Ira and Mary Lou Fulton
Brigham Young University
BYU Media Arts Department