Lila struggles in her relationship with her father who lost his memory years ago. When she finds an old box with personal items, she begins a journey toward understanding her father as well as herself. As she grows closer to him, she longs to connect with him one last time to say goodbye.

Produced, Directed, and Written by Christian Vuissa
Cast Members: Kristen Hill, Kenneth Norris, Levi Larsen, Reb Fleming, Phil Riesen.
Music Composed by: Thomas C. Baggaley
Film Editor: Bryan Lefler
Cinematographer: Brandon Christensen

Unfolding won several awards, including Best College Drama at the daVinci Film Festival, Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film at the Temecula Valley Int’l Film Festival and Best 30-minute Film at the Damah Spiritual Film Festival. It also received a Bronze Plaque Award from the prestigious Chris Awards of the Columbus Int’l Film Festival. Unfolding was also an official selection at numerous film festivals.