Bonjour Danny, Bonjour

Under the tyrannical claws of his mother’s control, Danny struggles to live his own life with the help of a French girl named Marie.

Produced by Sarah Aller
Directed by Brett Shumway
Screenplay by Shane Atkinson
Cast Members: John-Ross Boyce, Emilie Zuniga, Debbie Ellis, Nani Rodriguez, Natasia Clark, Ken Baum, April Chabries, Jon Rey, Glenn L. Anderson, Henry Lee, Brigham McKay, William Bisson, Ana Preto-Bay, Madeleine Hinmon, Patrick Bay, Reed Curtis, Jade Shumway, David Bisson, Aline Conti, Erin Rouleaux, Daryl Lee, Ingrid Martis
Film Editor: Paul Tuft
Cinematographer: Brett Shumway

This film screened at the 2008 LDS Film Festival