Chronicle of a Country

Following in the traditions of oral histories and cinéma vérité, Chronicle of a Country explores the lives, values, and culture of modern French society.  The film was inspired in large part by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin’s 1960 piece Chronicle of a Summer, in which the filmmakers stopped Parisians on the street and asked them if they were happy.  Our film springboards off that concept into what you’ll see here tonight.  The first stage of our production was to travel to France, get to know the people, and ask them to recount to us significant happy or sad moments from their lives.  When we returned to the States, we recruited dozens of students to create short vignettes from each interview we conducted in France.  The result was nine short films, three of which you’ll see tonight, interpreted by different filmmakers to create beautiful and moving renditions of the experiences that our French friends shared.  From them, we hope you’ll see a side of France that you’d never get from the travel guides.  Something more personal, more intimate, and maybe even something that can show you the true magic at the heart of the City of Lights, Provence, the Riviera, and countless other locations in that magical country across the sea.


Key Crew:

Executive Producers: Jacob Lees Johnson & Julia Glausi

Featured Vignette Directors: Nate Stebbing, Thomas Barreiros, Lane Russell

Featured Music: Jenessa Buttars, The Moth & The Flame

Sound: Jon Barton