Final Cut Films 1999

The Real World: Provo

The Last Good War

The Good Samaritan 12:21

The Good Samaritan

Burned 13:56


Utah State Film Collective Commercial 00:38
Unengaging Conversations 12:30

Unengaging Conversations

Unbeaten 07:59


The Transient 03:41

The Transient

The Salesman 20:57

The Salesman

The Olive Pimento Loaf 07:51

The Olive Pimento Loaf

The Democratic Party 01:24

The Democratic Party

The Christmas Kite 07:13

The Christmas Kite

Smeared 08:30


Some People Are Dying to Vote 00:29
Slippage in Time 02:08

Slippage in Time

Setting For Three 05:33

Setting For Three

Late for Finals 02:10

Late for Finals

Inkwell 02:15


In Time of Need 09:05

In Time of Need

Images 05:58


I, Luger 05:25

I, Luger

Hold Me 15:00

Hold Me