Final Cut Films 2003

Lemmings 06:13

Lemmings (2003)


Self Portrait 01:16

Self Portrait

The Promethean 12:24

The Promethean

The Mother Suffers With Her Children 11:39
The Kelly Auction 08:58

The Kelly Auction

The Janitor 01:34

The Janitor

The Ivy Exchange


The Day After Christmas

The Accordion Player 13:30

The Accordion Player

Tear-Free Hygiene

Smithsonian Folkways Commercial 00:30
Serenaders 07:51


Sculpted Sculpture

Rearview Mirror 11:10

Rearview Mirror

Postcards From The Place In France 09:59
Oscar’s Ashes 07:39

Oscar’s Ashes


Forgotten Concerto 06:09

Forgotten Concerto

Final Cut Film Festival 2003 Commercial 00:38
Eternal Sleep 12:56

Eternal Sleep

Dedicated Service 13:11

Dedicated Service

Cursed is the Ground 11:11

Cursed is the Ground

Compulsory Means 04:50

Compulsory Means