Final Cut Films 2007

Coppelia – A Back Stage Look 03:02
Welcome Aboard 08:48

Welcome Aboard

To My Future Self 17:35

To My Future Self

The Dance 03:57

The Dance

Swahili Lessons 22:15

Swahili Lessons

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts 03:50
Dragon Hunter Trailer 02:41

Dragon Hunter Trailer

6:31 PM 03:10

6:31 PM

Birds Don’t Swim 03:00

Birds Don’t Swim

La Grande Maladie 10:09

La Grande Maladie

The Opener 02:40

The Opener

My Mom, The Taxidermist 04:20

My Mom, The Taxidermist

Billy, etc. 09:45

Billy, etc.

Bottom of the Ninth

Kathy Jones 10:08

Kathy Jones

The Heirloom 03:24

The Heirloom

Jinxed 05:50


Jamie Lambert: Good Luck at Nationals! 03:33
The Great Salt Lake 18:53

The Great Salt Lake

Final Cut 2007 Trailer 01:35
This, That Goes Between 04:27

This, That Goes Between

Driver 05:28


Converse Commercial 00:29

Converse Commercial

Moments 03:11